Workplace Conflict Resolution includes a variety of strategies that are effective when previous attempts to improve the situation at work have been unsuccessful.  Catered to the unique needs of each workplace, this service helps managers and staff address the root of conflict and prioritize resolution.


When a workplace is out of sync and struggling with issues, it can have a negative impact on all levels of the organization. As a result, workplace morale drops, sick calls increase, productivity plummets, employees and managers lose hope. Furthermore, the longer conflict or issues are left unattended to, the more entrenched the issues become.  Getting an outside, neutral perspective on the conflict can offer a clear assessment of the issues and pathway towards resolution and restoration of working relationships.  This can lead to an improvement in team dynamics, workplace culture, productivity improvements and staff and managers alike feeling a greater sense of happiness and commitment to their work.  

FACT: 47% of working Canadians cite their work as the most stressful part of their lives (Mental Health Commission of Canada, 2016).  


Each workplace is unique and requires different services and approaches.  Because of that, we offer a host of Workplace Conflict Resolution interventions, flexible client services and a dynamic and creative approach to tackling workplace conflict.  We meet with you to assess conflict within your workplace, provide a detailed assessment report, recommend goal-focused solutions, and collaborate with you through the implementation of those solutions.  By working with you at each step in the process, we deliver timely, professional results that can make your workplace stronger, more productive and better able to navigate conflict and stress. 

Workplace Conflict Resolution Services include:

Workplace conflict assessments are designed to get a clear, detailed picture of conflict that has become entrenched and problematic within a workplace.  This involves gathering information and detailed feedback and gaining insight into the root causes of the conflict.  An assessment report offers clients a summary of the issues and recommendations to support the conflict’s effective and efficient resolution. 

A Workplace or Organizational Climate Assessment is a detailed assessment of the general atmosphere of an organization, including the strengths, challenges and areas of tension in addition to communication, employee investment and workplace culture. A detailed assessment report will include a summary of the data collected along with recommendations to support and implement immediate, effective change. 

Conflict mediation is another effective tool in workplace conflict resolution.  The mediation process can involve 2 or more parties and can take place within the workplace, in our office space or in some cases, online.   

Communication and conflict coaching involves working one-on-one with a coach as a supportive and productive way to receive feedback about communication style and learn and try new skills in communicating and resolving conflict.   Coaching provides the client with an opportunity to practice new skills and approaches in a safe space while at the same time benefiting from immediate, supportive feedback. 

Sometimes, groups need some help having conversations that are perhaps long overdue or difficult.  Conversation and meeting facilitation takes the pressure of facilitating the conversation off the shoulders of managers or those closely involved.  We will work with your team to have the conversation or meeting in a way that is safe, positive and productive.  

We offer training customized to meet the needs of each workplace.  Whether it is a lunch-and-learn or more indepth training, we will work with you to create training material that helps to create the change you are looking for.  See our training page for more information. 

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