Meet Our Specialized Team

Is conflict dragging you down? Are you struggling with how to manage a difficult conversation in your life?  Has conflict at work reached a boiling point?

At Quest Resolutions, we know that conflict can be one of the most challenging aspects of our personal and professional lives.  Everyone, regardless of age, background or profession experiences conflict from time to time.  It’s normal. Success in resolving conflict is not just about learning new skills but  is based  on our willingness to engage in conflict courageously.  Finding confidence in conflict means finding confidence in yourself and getting past the fear that it may cause us.  Conflict is an opportunity to repair, change, grow and succeed.  

If you’re in conflict, Quest Resolutions is here to help.  With a variety of conflict resolution services available, we’ll assess your conflict, recommend a plan of action and work with you to find resolution.  

Our Approach

We respect the stories, situations and conflicts of each of our clients. You can expect from our team:

  • A warm and welcoming approach
  • A safe, productive and confidential setting to talk openly about conflict, try new skills and ask questions
  • An open and transparent process driven by evidence-based practice


We maintain a committment to the highest level of service we can provide to each of our clients.  From start to finish you can expect: 

  • Outstanding client service
  • Efficient, value driven work
  • A team that will work with you from start to finish to help you get back on track


Caitlin Williams

We’ve all been there…feeling overwhelmed by a conflict in our lives and not knowing what we can do to move forward.  Just as our society is now talking more about psychological health and the need for us all to be able to ask for help, the same goes for conflict.  I believe that fine-tuning how we handle conflict resolution in our lives has the potential to create broad and positive changes within ourselves, our families and our society.  I approach each client with warmth, empathy and skill and use a variety of evidence-based, solution-focused strategies to help each person along the way. 

I have worked in non-profit, private practice and educational settings and bring to the table 15 years of experience and specific training in conflict resolution, alternative dispute resolution, counselling, coaching and mediation.  I specialize in work with complex family and group interventions, high levels of conflict, group facilitation, workplace conflict resolution and mediation.  I also have significant experience working within a variety of cross-cultural contexts with immigrant and refugee family populations, supporting their emotional/mental health, family and educational successes in Canada. 

I have a Masters Degree in Counselling and a Certificate in Conflict Resolution with a specialization in Family Mediation.  I am also member in good standing with the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of British Columbia. 


Imraan Gazdar

As a Registered Social Worker I work with individuals and families experiencing conflict in a variety of areas and  have the opportunity to experience first hand, the positive impact that support, education and conversation can have.   I have worked with clients for the last 8 years in a variety of settings including hospitals, non-profit organizations, mental health services, private practice and educational settings. 

I am passionate about working with individuals to help them achieve personal and professional happiness and contentment through addressing the conflicts, barriers and challenges in their lives.  I do this by examining the bio-psycho-social-spiritual-cultural factors affecting their lives in order to gain a holistic understanding of each person. 

The therapeutic frameworks I am trained to utilize are Narrative (i.e. talk) therapy, strengths-based solution-focused therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Family Systems Theory.  I am fluent in English and Hindi, and I have experience working within a variety of cultural and religious contexts.

We are happy to answer your questions!