Mediation is a powerful tool that can bring hope to people struggling with entrenched conflict.  The process allows a specifically trained third-party to assist families or groups in conflict by helping to identify issues, set and focus an agenda, build understanding with each party and identify possible solutions for positive change.  One of the other primary benefits of working with a mediator is that they help to maintain the emotional safety of difficult conversations and focus on preventing further damage to relationships in conflict. A mediator does not impose solutions on anyone, but they do help to manage the conversation’s direction in a safe, productive and solution-focused way.  Mediators can help to balance empathy and conflict resolution strategy.

If you are wondering whether mediation is appropriate for your situation, contact us.  We will help you to assess the conflict that you are involved in and consider whether mediation is the appropriate next step.  If mediation is appropriate for your situation, we will walk you through what the process looks like, what the cost and time commitments are and how we can help you to achieve resolution. 

There are countless situations that could be appropriate for a mediation.  Some include:

Mediation Services include:

Mediation is a commonly used service when families are working through a separation or divorce and is typically more cost and time effective than going to court.  Issues to be mediated can include parenting arrangements, schedules, child support, spousal support and property and asset division.  Mediation can help families set the tone for how they want to communicate and work together during a difficult transition. 

Mediation is available for families experiencing conflict in a variety of areas.  Family mediation can take place with all types of families and orientations.  

Conflict between parents and teens can easily become intense and difficult to resolve.  Mediation can involve a variety of topics including relationships, curfew, behaviour, school attendance and participation in home life. 

See our Workplace Conflict Management section for information on workplace conflict. 

Mediations are available for conflict involving students, parents, teachers, staff or administrators.

Families and adult siblings frequently struggle with conflict when helping to make plans for aging parents.  Family mediation is an effective tool to preserve relationships, maintain productive decision making and preserve the dignity of family members involved.  Topics could include living arrangements, health care, relationships and contact with family members, financial concerns and planning in the case of illness. 

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